An experiment from my first freelance project. Obviously it needs developing as I’m in the early stages of the project, but I think it’s great that I’ve managed to recycle a few graphics from a couple of years ago to help me make an animation about… recycling(!) And as I write this, I’ve realised I could bring the whole composition up to fill in the frame a little bit more. Look at all this motion graphics speak, I better get back to work…

Me at my degree show in Winchester! It’s been an absolute blast and the feedback I have been given my work has been fantastic.You still have two more days to check it out, or you can come down to the London Show between the 3rd and 5th July.More information can be found here: belongs to Megan Hindle) 

Join us! 

Work in progress. I guess this puts me with the loonies…

s/o to Leo Gauvin

Development work from my sketchbook

It makes it much easier for people to sneer at you, so that the very term “conspiracy theory” puts you in there with the loonies.The real conspiracies are simply secret agreements and they only show up when there’s a cock up, and then you get a real conspiracy to cover up.
John Le Carre (The Culture Show, 2005)

A showreel including work from my time studying at Winchester School of Art

Set by Waypoint Digital Media based in Winchester, the aim of the project was to explain how the company works in an engaging way for the audience. Special thanks goes to Adam Richards

Final outcome for the Digital Practices and Theory module. The brief was to create a 30 second piece of moving image based on sound.

Created using Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects

A title sequence for a drama based around student life, “CRASH”. This was made during my time as a motion graphic designer at SUSUtv, University of Southampton’s TV channel.

It was also entered for the “Best Title Sequence” category in the 2014 NaSTA Awards (The National Student Television Association).

Special thanks goes to Anna Saracka (editor and director), and Matt Timmiss (director of photography)